Doulgerof & Lamberg

Necessary and Sustainable Psychological Services applied to Work


Necessary and Sustainable Psychological Services applied to Work

  • We able to put ourselves in your shoes and provide you with what you need. No matter where in the process you are and no matter how you want it.


  • Our working principles are respect for the rights and dignity of our clients, competence, responsibility, and integrity. These are our leading lights which we constantly use to orient ourselves.


  • We work in accordance with scientific principles and substantiated experience, and we take our professional responsibilities seriously.


  • We only engage in tasks which we are competent to solve through our practical and theoretical backgrounds.


  • It is of vital importance for us that there can be no doubt about our honesty, integrity, accountability, and professional confidentiality.


Our Mission is to create necessary and sustainable psychological change in individuals, groups and organisations.


Our Ambition is to be one of the leading operationally oriented psychologist firms in Northern Europe.

Scientifically Validated

We use scientifically validated psychological methods, and our approaches are hands-on and context driven interventions, which are tailored to meet the excact needs and requirements of our client organisations.

We are not sure if anyone can match us.

+150 Years of accumulated practical experience

Each and one of us have at least 20 years of work experience from the fields of psychology and leadership.

  • Constantly maintain psychological-professional depth and width.
  • Base our work on evidence from psychological research and experience from praxis.
  • Address real needs and challenges, which are anchored within our client organizations.
  • Coordinate and synchronize our psychological assessments and interventions with other professions within our client organizations.
  • Take the expert role upon us - also towards other experts.

Our Business Partners


Frank Lamberg

Programme Director & Psychologist

(+45) 4135 5636

Ivan Doulgerof

Chief Psychologist

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