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Doulgerof & Lamberg

Sustainable Psychological
applied to Work

In terms of our backgrounds as leaders and psychologists when it comes to Operational Psychology within the Maritime and Offshore Industry, we are unique.

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Our Team

We are occupational and organisational psychologists with clinical backgrounds and a considerable experience in navigating in human and organisational complexity. Some of us have also worked with military psychology, and some are former military officers, maritime and civilian leaders.

Who we are

Our Services within the maritime & offshore,
private & public sector

The Individual

Assessing and enhancing the individual's capacity to interact efficiently with his or her environment is one of our core competencies.


We strengthen work groups to functional as optimally as possible – and we enhance capacities to cooperate with other social units within larger social systems.


We work with organizational structures and processes as the framework of human behaviour and we support those who wish to become optimal social systems.

Leadership Development

Developing Operational Leadership ist one of our keycompetences. We enhance operational leaders’ abilities to coordinate common efforts towards common goals.

Targeted Services

We provide a range of tailored programmes and interventions. Please feel free to contact us. Together we will find solutions for the callenges you and your organisations face every day. 

Business Partners


Frank Lamberg

Programme Director & Psychologist

(+45) 4135 5636

Ivan Doulgerof

Chief Psychologist

(+45) 5164 9646